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Grandparenting with a purpose offers resources to help grandparents intentionally pray for their grandchildren to know and follow Jesus Christ.

Recent Posts

Are your Grandchildren living in a Greenhouse of Prayer?

January 20, 2018
In his book, “Fearless” Max Lucado writes, “Prayer is the saucer into which parental fears are poured to cool. Jesus says so little about our parenting makes no comments about spanking, breastfeeding, sibling rivalry, or schooling. His actions speak volumes about prayer. Bring your children to me. Raise them in a greenhouse of prayer.” ¹ A greenhouse is a glass structure for the growing of tender plants letting in the warmth of the sun to keep the delicate plants warm and safe. Just so, the lives of grandparents can reflect the love of God’s Son, Jesus on the lives of their grandchildren. Pray they will grow strong, develop godly character, as they are watered with God’s Word. Parents and grandparents cannot protect their children from every threat that comes into their lives. However, if we are believers in Jesus Christ we have one to which we can take each need into the greenhouse of prayer. If we don’t know how to pray for them, we can ask them how they would like us to pray for them or be in communication with their parents about their needs. In the wintertime, we often place our plants in a greenhouse to protect them from the severe cold weather. When the storms of life are hitting our grandchildren, they need a “greenhouse of prayer” for protection from the evil one who is seeking to destroy their faith. In Proverbs, we read “God-loyal people, living honest lives, make it much easier for their children.” ² Pray for your grandchildren’s parents to be God-loyal trustworthy, living honest lives, having the wisdom to teach them to develop godly character. It is easier to explain to children holy character when they are young than when they grow older. Take your grandchildren to a safe, warm place, the “greenhouse of prayer” praying they will grow to be strong godly men and women. By Lillian Penner, Co-director of the Prayer Ministry of Christian Grandparenting Network, lpenner@christiangrandparenting.net ¹ Max Lucado, Fearless, (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishing, 2009), p. 60. ²Proverbs 20:7 (MSG)              

Weekly Prayer for Grandchildren #2 Proverbs 3:5

January 19, 2018
Dear Lord, I pray _______________ will grow in his/her awareness of Jesus, learning to place his/her trust in Him and not depend on his/her own thinking. In Jesus’ name.  Proverbs 3:5 Lillian Penner, Co-director of the prayer ministry of Christian Grandparenting Network, pennerlp@gmail.com  

Reflecting my Journey Praying for My Grandchildren

January 9, 2018
 God blessed my husband and me with nine grandchildren between the ages of seven to twenty-eight years. As a long-distance grandmother for many years, I felt my prayers were too general since I was unaware of what was going on in their lives. I prayed God would bless them. Ultimately, I became frustrated and felt something was lacking in my vague, general prayers. I asked God to show me how to become intentional in praying for them. Encouragement After reading Grandma, I Need Your Prayers by Quin Sheerer & Ruthanne Garlock, and When Mothers Pray by Cheri Fuller, prayers for my grandchildren changed dramatically. The books were full of practical advice, encouraging me to use specific scriptures in my praying. God’s Word became like a manual for me to learn to pray more effectively since prayer connects me to the creator of the universe. Praying God’s Word enabled me to pray with more confidence and boldness. I was also motivated me to pray regularly and specifically for the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of my grandchildren. Primary Prayer The primary prayer for my grandchildren is that they will come to realize God loves them, accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, and follow Christ wholeheartedly throughout their life.   God has created each of my grandchildren for a unique purpose. I pray they will discover their purpose, be motivated to pursue them, and trust Him will provide the resources. Only God can provide fulfillment for them, which the world cannot give. Holy Spirit Intercedes Many times, I do not know how to pray for my grandchildren. However, after I learned in Romans 8:26 that the Holy Spirit intercedes for me when I do not know how to pray for them, my prayers took on new meaning. The Holy Spirit knows the needs of my grandchildren, so I ask Him to intercede for me according to His will. It is comforting to know I can put my concerns in God’s hand, shifting my concern to God, instead of carrying the burden myself. Often my prayers are not answered as I ask or on my timetable, although, it is in the waiting that God does amazing things in my life and the lives of my grandchildren. Communication New channels of communication opened with my older grandchildren when I started asking how I might pray for them. For the younger children, I consulted with their parents to keep abreast of specific concerns. Then I was able to pray more specifically for them. To keep these channels open I like to call them on the phone or send cards for holidays to offer encouragement, to let them know I love them and pray for them. The electronic age in which we live now offers me new opportunities to stay in touch with my grandchildren. It is easy to send those e-cards, email messages, and texts. I surprised my oldest granddaughter the first time I texted her, she texts back “WOW! You are incredible!” Occasionally, I

Weekly Prayer for Grandchildren #1

January 8, 2018
Pray your grandchildren will learn to ask God to help them make decisions. Their decisions may seem small to us, but they may appear significant to them. Share with them about how you ask God to help you with your decisions. By Lillian Penner, Co-director of the Prayer Ministry of Christian Grandparenting Ministry.

Start the Year with a Grandparents Prayer Group

January 4, 2018
Years ago, Esther stood in the gap for her people, the Jews when their lives were physically threatened. Today grandparents can stand in the gap with prayer for their grandchildren in the same way as their spiritual lives are threatened. I would like to invite you to become a part of a Grandparents @ Prayer group where grandparents pray together for each other’s grandchildren and families. At this time groups are meeting in the U.S, Philippines, India, South Africa, and in Australia. There is an urgency for the power of prayer to keep the hearts and minds of our grandchildren from falling captive to the enemy’s deception and lies. We are engaged in a spiritual battle that requires the spiritual weapon of prayer. As grandparents, we can make a significant difference in the world by praying regularly and deliberately for our grandchildren and their parents. We have an opportunity join together to touch the lives of another generation powerfully. Grandparent @ Prayer (G@P) intercessory prayer groups consist of small or large groups of people meeting once or twice a month for approximately one hour at a designated location for prayer and fellowship. Groups are meeting in retirement centers, schools, churches, and homes weekly. The New Year would be a great time to get started, just ask a few grandparents to join you, try it for a few months, and see what you think. Many grandparents have told me that they appreciate a safe place to share their concerns for their grandchildren. If you are interested in learning about Grandparents @ Prayer groups, go to https://christiangrandparenting.net/grandparents-at-prayer/ for locations, testimonials and complete the form to let us know about your interest. If you are involved in a grandparents prayer group already, will you please email me to tell me about it. By Lillian Penner, Co-director for the prayer ministry of Christian Grandparenting Network. lpenner@christiangrandparenting.net

Have a Blessed 2018 as you pray for your grandchildren

January 1, 2018
I will be posting a Weekly prayer for Grandchildren taken from Scripture to pray for your grandchildren starting next Monday, January 8, 2018. God has given us a gift of communication, which we call prayer. He has even given us a book of instructions of how to communicate with Him. I like to use His Word in my prayers, which are powerful and will not return void, I have found praying Scripture has changed my prayer life. A considerable force of God’s power is released as we relinquish our concerns for our grandchildren to Him and commit ourselves to pray for our grandchildren intentionally.   Prayer is not a production; it is an intimate personal conversation with God, the creator of the universe. Isn’t it exciting to think we have the privilege to communicate with the creator of the universe? Since our world is in moral and spiritual decline, we are in a battle for the minds and hearts of our dear grandchildren. The enemy is trying to steal their hearts and the plans God has for them. It is urgent that we stand in the gap to pray for the spiritual, emotional, and physical protection of our grandchildren and their parents so they don’t become victims of our culture. However. Paul wrote in Philippians 4:6, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” Isn’t it wonderful that we have the privilege to bring all of our concerns to God? He is always available and sitting at the right hand of God waiting for us to come to him. His line is never busy, He never puts us on hold, we don’t have to press a number for our language, we don’t have to leave a voicemail, and He is available 24/7. I think God loves to hear us praying His Word to him as we pray for our grandchildren. When we pray according to God’s Word, we are in line with His will, enabling us to pray with wisdom and power, according to Hebrews 4:12: “The Word of God is full of living power” (NLT). I have found it helpful to spend time in God’s Word to know His promises and commands because my mind is renewed to think His thoughts. His Word helps me to see my grandchildren’s needs from His eternal perspective instead of from my limited perspective. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. (James 5:16c, NLT) By Lillian Penner, Co-director of the Prayer Ministry of Christian Grandparenting Network, lpenner@christiangrandparenting.net