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Six Suggestions to Pray for the Military Personnel and their Families

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God has given us a gift of intercessory prayer. An intercessor is one who Americas Future
intercedes in prayer on behalf of others.

“Pray for each other so that you may be healed.” James 5:15b

Next week we will be celebrating Veteran’s Day so I would like to give you some suggestions of how to pray for Military personnel and their families. Do you know someone in the military from your family, your church or your community you can pray for by name? Ask your grandchildren if they have friends whose parents are in the military. If they do, encourage them to pray and reach out to their friends and their friend’s families with kindness. We are all part of the family of God. We are to share each other’s troubles and problems by being intercessors.

How to Pray for Military Personnel and their Families
¥ Pray for grandparents of the children left behind by deployed parents to provide spiritual covering, encouragement, and an intentional ministry of hope in Christ to their grandchildren.
¥ Pray the grandparents will be able to give the support these children need during this difficult time in their lives, especially the teenagers.
¥ Pray for the grandparents to be strong as they face the uncertainty and anxiety of their sons, daughters, and possibly grandchildren in potential danger daily.
¥ Pray the grandparents to have wisdom and direction as they support the spouses and grandchildren left behind.
¥ Pray for peace for the families as their soldiers face both physical and spiritual warfare in these foreign and hostile environments.
¥ Pray for comfort and consolation for those who have lost their loved ones or have wounded loved ones coming home.
Taken from the book, Grandparenting with a Purpose: Effective Ways to Pray for your Grandchildren by Lillian Penner


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Lillian is the National Prayer Coordinator for Christian Grandparenting Network for many years. She is a speaker, blogger and authored Grandparenting with a Purpose: Effective Ways to Pray for your Grandchildren. She and her husband have 3 sons, 9 grandchildren and 2 greats.

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