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Do you Pray God’s Word for your Grandchildren?

By grandparenting 4 years ago10 Comments

We often go through seasons in our prayer lives where we do not take the time to read and meditate on God’s Word or to pray
prayintentionally for our grandchildren or ourselves, as we should. We may pray, but our prayers may become humdrum, repetitive, or pointless.

That was my experience a number of years ago when I felt the prayers for my grandchildren were very general, superficial, empty and powerless. I prayed they would be safe and have a good day.

God Gave Wisdom

However, that all changed after I asked God to give me wisdom and insight how I could pray for them intentionally. Praying intentionally means a determination to pray in a certain way, done by intention or design.

My Discovery

I discovered God’s Word was a great resource, a manual to help me with my praying, not only for my family but also for myself. When I pray according to God’s Word, I am in line with His will; it enables me to pray with direction, power, and wisdom. As I claim God’s promises and personalize the Scriptures, I experience more confidence and boldness in my praying.

Many Scriptures in the Psalms, Proverbs, Gospels, and Paul’s writings can be used in our prayers for Example: “Dear Lord, I pray Sam will remember the Scriptures he memorized in Awanna so they will come to his mind when he is tempted.” (Psalm 119:11). I believe God loves to hear us verbalize His Word back to Him when we pray.

If you subscribe to this blog, I will email you a downloadable copy of “31 Scriptures to Pray for your Grandchildren”

By Lillian Penner,

Nat’l Prayer Coordinator

Christian Grandparenting











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Lillian is the National Prayer Coordinator for Christian Grandparenting Network for many years. She is a speaker, blogger and authored Grandparenting with a Purpose: Effective Ways to Pray for your Grandchildren. She and her husband have 3 sons, 9 grandchildren and 2 greats.


  • Barb Beamish says:

    Could you please send me 31 scriptures to pray for my 5 precious grandchildren?
    Thank you!
    In Christ

  • Barb Beamish says:

    I am sorry—-do not know what moderation means?

  • Hi!
    I emailed the “31 Scriptures to Pray” a few minutes ago. Hope they will be meaningful.

  • Laurie Stanfield says:

    Please send me the 31 scriptures to pray for my 10 precious grandchildren!

  • Lynda says:

    Would you please send me the scriptures to pray for my grandchildren. Thank you for your articles and helpful insights. Blessings, Lynda

  • Linda says:

    Please send the scriptures to pray for my grandchildren

  • James says:

    Please email me the 31 Scriptures to pray for my grandchildren. Thanks,

  • Diana says:

    I signed up and did receive the email, there is no 31 Scriptures or how do you get daily prayers and insights on Blog.
    Thank you for your help

  • Barbara says:

    My life is more blessed Since I have been praying Lord I pray for all the grandchildren
    That are being prayed for On the grandparent ing With a purpose network
    Which would include my own Lord.
    And God Never lets Me forget To pray as I promised And I do believe God will answer.
    And I find great comfort and strength
    Knowing that my grandchildren
    Are being prayed for Even as I pray myself All these precious grandchildren for all these precious grandchildren
    Who are living in perilous times

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